Fertility Forward

Fertility Forward

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From conception forward...

Becoming a mother is an incredible journey!  From conception forward, you are growing as an individual while an individual is growing inside of you...how remarkable!

What an amazing thought as you approach a new life...a new human life, that is.  While the world largely undervalues the role mothers and their unborn babies play in our human existence, it doesn't change the importance of our calling.  In today's culture, I find we must constantly fight for what is natural, whether or not it is popular.  

I am beginning this blog for as a way to outsource all my thoughts on fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum recovery (i.e.-placenta encapsulation), breastfeeding, attachment parenting...and the like.  Sounds so ordinary.  How many blogs are there out there about such things?  But this one will be different.  I have a passionate heart for these topics.  The talents God has gifted me with have driven me in this direction so that I could find myself and become the unique individual that I am today.  My children have benefited greatly from this journey; therefore, I firmly believe society at large will benefit from my decision to change from being "mainstream normal" to "nowhere near normal".  Hopefully my enthusiasm will be something you share, and if so, I hope you enjoy what my mind has to offer!

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