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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hypnosis for Childbirth

This will be a pretty short blog post, but it is worth it: )  I just wanted to give testament to the amazing birth experiences that are possible through the use of hypnosis during childbirth.  From researching, I am aware that there are multiple courses that use hypnosis as a part of their childbirth education curriculum, but I personally used the Hypnobabies program, so that is what I will be referencing in this article.

The home-study course was well worth the investment, but it left me wanting, so I joined a local class taught by an amazing Hypnobabies instructor.  Being in the group setting just worked some magic for me, for some reason, but I can definitely recommend the home-study course alone if there is no instructor in your area or if you are financially unable to attend a class.

Hypnobabies' Childbirth Hypnosis Course is a *complete* childbirth education course.  I say this as a doula, licensed midwife apprentice and student of the course...this program rocks!  It really covers all the bases for the prenatal time, postpartum care, nutrition, etc.  And to top it all off, the hypnosis actually helps to keep moms relaxed during their birthing time.  (And as we know, relaxation = progress: )

I used this method for my fourth birth, and I felt blissful!  I would honestly describe my contractions as "pressure" and "discomfort"...not "painful" or "overwhelming".  This was not my shortest labor, by far.  It was actually my 2nd longest (7 hours of "active" labor due to baby's size and position).  My midwife (who aslo happened to be a Hypnobabies Certified Hypnosis Doula) was amazing in helping me remember to use the "tools" I had learned from the hypnosis cds while taking the course.

At this time, I'm not going to describe in full the Hypnobabies curriculum or cds, but you can visit their website www.hypnobabies.com and get most of your questions answered.

Again, I have personally used this method as well as attended 3 other births of mothers who took this course.  Each mother was so relaxed and progressed so beautifully!  It was truly AMAZING and much deserving of its own blog-review; )

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